Established in 2013, Luxmed Medical Group currently operates eight large multi-specialty medical centers and has up to 100 consultation rooms. We are rooted in Hong Kong and headquartered in a three storey-ed Women and Children medical clinic in Harbour City, which brings together various specialized medical professionals and a multidisciplinary medical team to ensure patients receive professional and effective clinical treatment services.


Finest care for your family starts at LuxMed

With your family’s lifelong wellbeing in mind, LuxMed is your trusted life partner and medical consultant. Our highest international medical standards, accessible online platform, thoughtful luxury services, and lifelong commitment to our patients mean your family’s well-being is put in good hands… (More)

Safety first

We truely understand parents are weary of the quality and safety of medical services and looking medical experience for their loved one. On this ground, LuxMed is honored to give you a hand supporting your children's health upon the best use of our vaccine… (More)