Childhood Immunisation Programme

This immunisation Programme is for reference only. The kinds of vaccines to be taken by infants depend on their age and vaccines taken but are subject to the recommendations of Paediatrician.

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Date Age Vaccine Frequency
{{ message }}0 MonthsHepatitis B1st time
{{ messageOneMonth }}1 MonthsHepatitis B2nd time
{{ messageTwoMonth }}2 Months6 in 11st time
{{messageTwoMonth}}2 MonthsPneumococcal conjugate1st time
{{messageTwoMonth}}2 MonthsRotatvirus1st time
{{messageFourMonth}}4 Months6 in 12nd time
{{messageFourMonth}}4 MonthsPneumococcal conjugate2nd time
{{messageFourMonth}}4 MonthsRotatvirus2nd time
{{messageSixMonth}}6 Months6 in 13rd time
{{messageSixMonth}}6 MonthsHepatitis B3rd time
{{messageSixMonth}}6 MonthsPneumococcal conjugate3rd time
{{messageNineMonth}}9 MonthsMCV1st time
{{messageNineMonth}}9 MonthsJEV1st time
{{messageTwelveMonth}}12 MonthsHepatitis A1st time
{{messageTwelveMonth}}12 MonthsPneumococcal conjugate4th time
{{messageTwelveMonth}}12 MonthsMCV2nd time
{{messageTwelveMonth}}12 MonthsMMRV1st time
{{messageFirteenMonth}}15 MonthsMMRV2nd time
{{messageEighteenMonth}}18 Months5 in 11st time
{{messageEighteenMonth}}18 MonthsHepatitis A2nd time
{{messageTwentyOneMonth}}21 MonthsJEV2nd time