MEIK Rapid Breast Detection

Breast cancer is the most-common cancer type and the major leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women. And an increasing trend of women being diagnosed at an earlier age, particularly during their late 30s or early 40s.

Studies have shown that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer is related to menstruation, reproductive history, breastfeeding habit and so. And we may come up with the detection methods that might reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Up to now, we have several tradition ways for breast detection, such as self-examination, mammography and ultrasound, but each of them has its own limitation, like self-examination is not accurate at all, ultrasound is limited to detect small lump, and mammography will have radiation damage and it creates pain.

Finally, MEIK Rapid Breast Detection is recommended for different age. (including pregnant women, women in breastfeeding and women with artificial implants in breasts) can detect any suspicious tissue quickly, painlessly, safely and accurately within 10 minutes.