DNA Test

DNA detection is a comprehensive care of the guests of different ages. By detecting the child's character and talent, detecting the genetic factors of the expectant mothers or fetuses to the cancer detection, also allergen test, helping the guests to focus on the problem so that the guests can allocate more resources on the potential risks.

General briefing:

- You can tailor your exclusive newsletter to make it easier to understand your health status.

Test certificate:

- Each report will be certified by a professional team (including a physician and a psychologist) and then issued a certificate for you record.

DNA Pool:

At your consent, we ensure to safe keep your DNA for a period of time, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of our new DNA tests from time to time through our system without the need to visit us in person.

Online Consultation:

In addition to providing customer service hotline, LuxMed also equipped with China hotline, online customer service and online consultation, so you can understand the diagnosis report and direct online review at any time via our WeChat system, and which is convenience, time saving and cost saving.