Child Vaccine

LuxMed provide various vaccine plans to protect them during their growth. An exclusive health plans from babyhood, which can company our customers through their every important phase during their whole life. Like a faithful friend behind you, we focus on your health every hour and moment to give you our most genuine and professional medical service.

The best medical service: LuxMed is strictly in compliance with professional medical code and guidelines from international medical council like World Health Organization, and we run under a clear and effective medical workflow. With customer’s health as prerequisite, all of our high quality services are always based on our most professional medical team, customer will be taken care before our doctor to verify the right prescription, treatment and the vaccine diluent; and our registered nurse to practice the most stringent guideline like 3 checks 5 rights, Aseptic Technique, as to make sure no mistake would be made, you will be definitely safe and easy at our center.

Most advance storage vaccine system:With our vaccines diluents are managed according to standard storage and warehousing practices for vaccines. And our advanced assurance inventory management system enables us to track our vaccines attached with tag-chips by RFID. With our tag-chip assigned to each vaccine, we can record the information of the vaccine to be applied on you, including its identity, manufacturer, dates of manufacture and expiry and the use of vaccine. You may login to your personal medical account to check the record.

Most intimate follow-up service: Our auto reminder system is programmed to remind your appointment with us by way of text message via WeChat to ensure that you will attend the treatment on time.